Upper Primary / Lower Secondary

Over 160 beautifully presented, fun and ready-to-use Indonesian activity sheets set in themes.
Language puzzles based on Language Star.
Homework activities based on Language Star book.
Language games, making learning engaging and fun!
Extend your students’ language skills with a system that works!
Language Star revision sheets, pre-tests, tests and answer sheets.
Cultural texts, questions, activity and puzzles.  A must!
A set of structured research projects based on Indonesian culture, geography and history. Includes assessment criteria.
Practical fun projects to enhance and reinforce the Indonesian cultural experience.


Lower Primary

1. Greetings
Activity booklets set in themes.  Photocopy, staple and distribute!
2. Animals
3. Colours
4. Numbers 1-10
5. Numbers 1-20
6. Family
7. The family
8. Fruit
9. Days and months
10. Describing words
English - Indonesian Picture Dictionary. Can be used as a class resource or copied for each student.

Activity book
Language activities based on “Picture Dictionary”. Let the students put the Picture Dictionary into action!