About Us


As a team of highly experienced and qualified teachers, we understand that providing quality education to students is the greatest resource available to our country.  The team at Green Octopus strives to provide high quality, comprehensive and engaging learning materials to maximise the educational outcomes of your students.

Green Octopus has been providing innovative and quality LOTE (Languages Other Than English) learning materials to Australian schools for the last seven years.  In 2009 we are proud to announce an expansion scope by adding Indonesian and French to its existing Italian and Spanish suites, as well as additional books to the original catalogue list.

Our educational materials are specifically aimed at upper primary / lower secondary students provide a unique blend of language learning accompanied by a cultural experience.  With focused, quality and ready-to-use material, Green Octopus provides you with all the materials needed, in numerous methodologies, to ensure student engagement while encouraging LOTE learning after the formative years.


Mission Statement

Green Octopus is a new and exciting educational company with key focus on:

  • Creating a fun and entertaining learning environment
  • Providing education materials to cater for today’s children
  • Providing learning resources that are engaging and challenging
  • Assisting teachers in delivering world-class innovative learning
  • Providing flexible and ready-to-use material that can easily integrate into schools’ curriculum
  • Giving students a positive and rewarding learning experience
  • Providing new and innovative methodologies to create a holistic learning journey.